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I Have Seen Marvels Earns a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon

Kathleen Keeler came to What If? Publishing with her original manuscript I Have Seen Marvels, A Journey to Paraguay 1630 to work with us to publish it with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

The novel is historical fiction and follows the story of Ines, a Spanish noblewoman who, along with her husband and servants, travels from Seville to Paraguay in 1630. Although Ines has never been beyond central Spain, she has dreamed of the New World all her life. In the journal she keeps, Ines records her experiences, contrasting the Old and New Worlds.

Working with Kathleen we created a design that reflects the time period and making it feel like you are reading Ine's journal in both the print and digital versions. We also mapped out a book launch plan so that she could hit a Hot New Release and Best Seller status on Amazon.

With these successes she is also entering a variety of book competitions. We look forward to announcing her continued achievements!

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