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Poet and Photographer Linda Lubitz_edite
When I started looking for a company to help me create a book of my poetry, I found What If Publishing through an internet search. From the very first meeting, I knew I had made the best choice. Liz and Robin were so great in guiding me through the process, even helped me create the title. As a first time author, these two ladies were amazing. I highly recommend them for any publishing projects.

Linda Lubitz, poet and photographer of Reflections While Walking, A Book of Poetry

Reflections While Walking Book Cover
Several years ago, about three years after my retirement as a Physician, I decided to write my memoirs. This task was entirely foreign to me, but I felt that I could relate my experiences of my early life, including my families escape from the development of the horrors of WWII, living in a new country as a refugee, and fighting early illnesses, overcoming other problems and eventually success.

Liz Mrofka and Robin Shukle were a wonderful combination of encouragement and eventual success of completion of my book, and my journey through the maze of my success  in presenting my book into the world of literature.


I would encourage all those that desired to complete works of their own to become assisted in this matter with the help of these dedicated individuals.

Dr. Robert J. Kahn, author of Roentgen and Me



What If Publishing helped me put together and publish my adult coloring book, “Cats Being Dicks”. I had no experience with any of this and it seemed daunting, but the What If team made it easy and fun while teaching me so much along the way. They are incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and kind people who know all the ins and outs of successfully publishing—from actually laying out and designing the book to marketing it before and after publication. My book has been way more successful than I could have hoped, and I have no doubt that that is due to the expert guidance and hard work of the What If team.

Julie Kitzes author and illustrator of Cats Being Dicks, Adult Coloring Book

Cats Being Dicks Coloring Book Cover

Author BJ Clark

Writing a family memoir is a risky business; however, Robin and Liz helped me to make it fun. Using a piece of one of my grandson’s art, they created a bright, and intriguing cover for the series of stories that were inside. In addition, they encouraged me to use photos throughout the book to emphasize the midcentury nature of the stories. They came up with wonderful readable font, along with whimsical midcentury designs to provide engaging details that made reading a breeze. As a result, I got a bright, bold copy of a readable book, but Robin and Liz did not stop there.


It was time for getting the book formatted, printed and available. Again, they had a plan. They set up the printing process with Amazon, and made both the publishing and book sales management very easy me, even though I know that doing all of this was not as easy for them.  They smiled through it all, and made me happy in the process.  Of course, I would recommend their services. I enjoyed the experience, and am still impressed by the result they created.


None of the readers, particularly the family ones, have threatened my life or corrected my memory.  Even better, there have been many fine compliments regarding the look, feel and readability of the book.  


Thanks Robin and Liz. Get ready. I’m writing again. I hope I’ll create something that’s worth your consideration!

BJ Clark, author of Vivid, Midwestern, Midcentury Memories

Vivid Book Cover

Author Jep Enck

Robin and Liz are a lot of fun to work with! Their collective wisdom in the publishing and creativity world pushed us to build better books. We found them, and the resources they provided us to be extremely accessible, always willing to guide us with vision and acceptance. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with WHAT IF!

Jep Enck, author of Positivity Now, The Five Powers of Positive People and Authentic Positivity

Positivity Now Book Cover
The Five Powers of Positive People Book Cover
Authentic Positivity Book Cover

Author Irene Neybert

Working with What If? Publishing has been truly a life saver. As an artist and writer, it is important to me to find a company that is a “one stop shop” so no time is wasted in publishing my Foundations of Faith series. Robin and Liz gave me professional advice for layout, design, and marketing direction. Their attention to detail is amazing. They honor the author’s voice and creativity, which is extremely important to me. The ambiance of their business allowed for further creativity and direction to flow in a positive manner in creating and publishing my Foundations of Faith series.


Liz’s creative and intuitive nature helped me to bring out in my books what otherwise was just stuck in my head. Her years of experience in the field helped me to overcome the “rookie” mistakes and gave me wonderfully polished books that, on my own, I would not have been able to accomplish. Liz is a delight to work with to create unique and professional books that are timeless.


Robin’s business savvy is incredible! Her suggestions and resources are brilliant! Without a doubt, Robin’s knack for creating strong business strategies to strengthen and promote my books have been amazing. Her years of experience saved me time and frustration, and made the whole process of publishing my books a delight. Hands down, this is the company to join up with for anyone wanting to write a book, launch your company, or create timeless keepsakes for generations to come.

Irene Neybert, author of the Foundations of Faith Bible Study Journals and Mindful Spirals coloring books.

Foundations of Faith: Peace Book Cover
Mindful Spirals Scripture Book Cover

Author Emily Rogers

Before I worked with Robin and Liz, all I had was a manuscript and no idea what to do with it. After, I had illustrations, a good editing, and my story became a book to be proud of. These folks are magicians.  

Emily Rogers-Ramos, author of Riding the Double Helix

Riding the Double Helix Book Cover

Duke Being Your Bestest Book Cover

As a novice author, What If? Publishing was the perfect business to work with on my first children's book. From the beginning meeting, they welcomed my ideas, ensured my ownership of my work, provided their own expertise the final design quality, creativity and post market appeal. With the success of my first book, we collaborated again and published my second children's book late 2020!

—Margaret Long, Author of Duke and Nana's Around the World

Nanas Around the World Book Cover

Author Leigh Ann Gerk

Publishing my own book had always been a dream of mine. The fear of failure and not knowing where to begin always stopped me until, at the age of 56, I had the good fortune to meet with Robin and Liz of What If? Publishing. They listened to what my goals were and helped me figure out what would work and what wouldn’t. What I really appreciated was they would explain why something would or would not work, yet always left the decision up to me. They taught me so many things along this journey that will help me throughout my career.


I knew publishing my own book would take dedication and hard work, but Robin and Liz were beside me every step of the way, encouraging me and being my biggest cheerleaders. They made publishing my book fun and we shared many laughs. Although my book is published, I know I can still call Robin or Liz with questions and concerns; what a wonderful feeling to know I can always count on their support. 

Thank you What If? Publishing for helping me conquer my fear and finally do what I love. Forever Grateful.

Leigh Ann Gerk, & author of Dear Brave Friend

Dear Brave Friend Book Cover
Indie Book Award Seal
Indie Book Award Seal
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Indie Book Awards Winner
Author Ron Stickler

Liz & Robin did a FANTASTIC, professional job—from start to finish—getting my book published. They were also very patient throughout the process and I felt the final result was excellent!


—Ron Stickler, Author of Reach & Exceed Your Sales Goals, Using Prosperity Personality Recognition

Reach and Exceed Your Sales Goals Book Cover

I have used What If? Publishing to publish our books, On The Border: The Way of the Cross written by Sister Evangeline Salazar, one of the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery. Our experience working with them was wonderful. they are quick, efficient and professional.

—Gina Berger, Benet Hill Monastery

On the Border Book cover

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