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Need help getting started in the right direction? 
At What If? we have multiple ways to help:

Schedule a free consultation and begin with a discussion, across the table or via Zoom, with the real people that will actually be working on your project.

Work one on one with a publisher. What If? offers a no-surprises fixed price package for you. 

Graphic showing the connections between books and marketing.


Working on a Manuscript?



Still Writing?



From a Publisher's


Publisher reads work in progress, summary, outline, manuscript or book.

Consider / Review the fundamentals—story arc, character development, consistency with genre, managing dialogue (showing not always telling)

Developing the story thru-line while maintaining interest via multiple story threads.

Identification of competitors—compare & contrast.

Definition of promise & benefit for competitive assessment.

Keywords / SEO Optimization.

Determine best categories placements.

Determine Reader Niche.

Don’t see what you need? We are happy to talk with you about a customized service package.

Cover design / competitive analysis.

Create / Review Amazon Listing: description, A+ content and reviews.

Targeted Social Media Visability for reader niche.

Marketing & Advertising Effectiveness: memes, hashtags, ad campaigns.

Analysis of Competitors Amazon Book Sales.

Promotional Products and Merchandising Possibilities.



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