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Publishing is not just our business, it is our passion.

Our approach begins and ends with each individual author. From amplifying their unique voice and story, to creating eye-catching cover designs, we work side-by-side with our authors to bring their words and vision to life, both in a print or as eBooks. Working across a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, business, self-help, memoirs, artistic journals, coloring books, children's book, essays, to science fiction, and fantasy, we use our publishing expertise and reading experience to create unique, beautifully designed, high quality, professionally printed books that authors are proud to call their own.

Our process is a hybrid / self-publishing experience created to maximize value. By choosing only the services they need, our authors can customize their self-publishing experience, by creating their book for a one-time fixed fee. In this way, our authors retain 100% of the sales royalties, their copyrights, and 100% control of the creative process. The way it should be.

Our strategy is to use the very best tools and platforms available to create and bring visibility to the books we publish. From Kindle Direct Publishing’s digital print-on-demand model, enabling our authors to print only the books they need at a low fixed price, to Amazon, the world’s largest and most influential book retailer, to the software we invest in to provide insight into competitive book categories, SEO keywords, sales volumes, trends, etc, our process provides our authors with more than just a book; it provides the foundation they need to successfully sell their books.

Working together, we can turn your manuscript into a professionally published book, available for purchase on Amazon, in about 90 days. And sometimes even sooner!

Our author driven self-publishing experience starts with a free 60-minute consultation. This provides an opportunity for authors to learn more about hybrid/self-publishing, and to have specific questions answered. If, after that, you are interested in working with us, we will provide a free, customized, services quote for your book. It really is that simple.

And we don’t stop there. We offer a wide range of book marketing and advertising services to help our authors promote their books. From targeted social media ads to Amazon ad campaigns, to book trailers, to event signage, to book-specific merchandise, to choosing and entering book awards and competitions, we do it all in house.

What If? Publishing. An author-centric self-publishing experience that delivers an unprecedented level of value, service, creativity, and individual attention to every author we work with.

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