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How it all begins . . .

Book Positioning Analysis. Publisher reads the entire manuscript and provides an analysis of competitor's cover designs, genre cover designs, and reader niche.

Determine best size for your book. Based on the book's genre and the Author’s vision, determine the appropriate print / trim size. (i.e., 5"x8", 6"x9") for the finished book.

Calculate number of pages. After deciding on the book size, we flow the  manuscript into our design software to determine the best margins and calculate a page count.

Royalties: Once we have defined all the technical book parameters, we can determine the royalties, print cost, and wholesale profitability for the print books and Kindle versions.

Print Book Design Services: We create original cover and interior designs based on Author vision and the positioning analysis. We work with the Author to refine to one final cover and back cover design and interior design.

Print Book Production Services: Flow the manuscript into the formatted design and typeset. Provide Author with an electronic copy of typeset content to review and update file with Author corrections.

Book Marketing Content: Work with Author to develop compelling book synopsis, back cover copy, and Amazon book description.

KDP Categories & Keywords: Using publishing industry propriety software, we research 3 competitive category placements and research and define seven competitive keywords.

Publishing on KDP: Using Author’s preferred Amazon account, assist Author in setting up a Kindle Direct Publishing account as their own publisher. Submit designed book, and enter all required information into Amazon dashboard.

Order Proof Copies: Order 2 proof copies of printed book for Author and What If? to review. Make any / all final revisions.  

Kindle eBook Production Services: Determine choice of Kindle book design and flow manuscript. Save for Kindle in .kpf and .epub formats.

Project Management: Meet with Author at each step / milestone in the publishing process.  We are available by phone, email or text for Author questions, ideas, or concerns.

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