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I find it fascinating. Trends in reading.

I find it fascinating.

One of the hottest and most debated topics in publishing today is predicting the lasting impact that COVID-19 will have on how and what readers read. From BulkBooks to the Washington Post, the prognosticators point to surveys and studies demonstrating that people are reading differently—from increases in e-book sales to the genre of books people are reading and even re-reading.

I watch with delight as the industry tries to put labels and create new lists to capture this trend. It used to be that this type of reading was reserved for Summer reading lists. But now we have ‘comfort books’, ‘feel good books’, and ‘escapism books’ to choose from as well.

What I find fascinating is that the debate on the lasting impact of trends is missing the point. There is HUGE opportunity for first time authors right now.

Take Sarah Penner. She was an employee in corporate America with a great story idea. Her debut novel The Lost Apothecary is now a New York Times bestseller.

And yes, I read Penner’s book along with another break out author, V. E. Schwab and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

And I am thrilled with the opportunities they present. With the reading public looking to feel good, escape, and find comfort, there has never been a better time for new authors and Indie authors with new and compelling story ideas to get the attention they deserve.

And as an avid reader always on the look out for my next great read—I say bring it on! I am ready and I don’t really care what you call it.

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