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Staying Ahead of The Curve in the Ever Changing World of Self-Publishing

Email marketing

It is finally starting to happen. ‘A’ list authors are leaving traditional publishing and choosing to self-publish their works. Patricia Cornwall and Dean Koontz are great examples of this growing trend. Combine this with the merger of large traditional publishing houses and you have the perfect publishing storm. Time will tell, but it could be more like a tsunami.

One inevitable impact of this storm is that as more authors choose to self-publish, there will be more demand for digital advertising. And with higher demand comes higher cost. And we are beginning to see it already.

Rather than spending time and money on a single ad campaign aimed at standing out and getting noticed, we are working with our authors to create a simple and reusable marketing asset—

an e-mail list of readers. While organic growth of an e-mail list takes time, once on the list, you have direct access to those readers.

Our advice is simple: Stay ahead of the curve and begin capturing and building your e-mail marketing list as soon as possible. We are.

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