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Benefits of Adding A+ "From the Publisher" Content

Have you ever noticed when you are looking at a book on Amazon and you scroll down and see a section called "From the Publisher?" That is what Amazon refers to as A+ content.

Amazon A+ Content Example

Every self-published author on Amazon has the chance to get creative and really shine a light on their book. Since images catch our attention so quickly, this area gives you the opportunity to expand on what's in your book.

KDP makes is easy to add this content. They provide a variety of "modules" that you can use to add pictures and text. They even provide examples to reference.

You'll need to use high-resolution images that are a minimum of 300 DPI and are saved in a JPG or PNG format. Also read the "content guidelines" to learn what is allowed before you get started.

For each version of your book (paperback or Kindle) you will have to add its own A+ content. They do have a "duplicate" feature that makes the process easier, you will just need to assign the corresponding ASIN number.

This feature is found in the marketing tab in your KDP dashboard in the top navigation.

Once you have submitted your content it goes into a review process and usually gets approved and live within a day.

In the image shown with this post for the Foundations of Faith series you can see it was perfect for spotlighting the author's series of books. Having all the books in the series really gives it some visual impact. Showing a spread of the interior with highlights of the content helps the reader know the benefits of what they are getting. The reviews and testimonials section gives customers the chance to see that others who purchased the book, really liked it. Adding the divider lines with highlighted text helps divide the points being made as-well-as adding more helpful content.

We enjoy being able to spotlight the work we do with our authors by creating A+ content for their books. Take a look at a few examples here:

Dear Brave Friend:

The Foundations of Faith Series:

Critical Masses:

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