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Have you seen ads for products and thought I could have done that?


Have your friends been encouraging you to tell your story or share your ideas by writing a book? Have you had an idea that just will not go away? Are you looking for a simple side hustle? 

At What If? we specialize in print-on-demand book, ebook, product, and digital download creation. Print-on-demand means that you leave the cost and aggravation of manufacturing, inventory, order fulfillment, and mailing to others. You create the book, product, or digital download, and watch the sales royalties accumulate in your bank account.


With years of product design, creation, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and social media marketing, What If? has the hands-on and direct experience to bring your passion, idea, or expertise to the on-line marketplace. And if there is anything that consumer behavior has shown us lately, it is that people LOVE the convenience of buying online.


  • 78% of consumers value convenience more now than they did before the pandemic.

  • 45% of shoppers are more inspired to make a purchase by convenience than price.


So what are you waiting for? Schedule your free Zoom consultation to get started today.

Irene Neybert

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Irene Neybert is an artist, illustrator, and author. In brainstorming ideas, What If? designed her Mindful Spirals line of products. Irene’s coloring books have a unique twist, in that you can color, journal, and either be inspired by scripture or contemplate meaningful questions. Using the print-on-demand model, we helped her establish being her own publisher on Amazon and then used her art to create a variety of products as well as the ability to digitally downloaded coloring pages. This way she can create her art just once and generate proceeds in a variety of ways without carrying any inventory or needing to do any shipping. Her website also highlights her talents as an illustrator and fine artist for hire.

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Quote of Conduct

Quote of Conduct started with our line of journals, Persist, 81 Quotes from Women Who Persisted.


We thought creating the same interior design with different cover designs would give people a choice of what they liked.


Then we decided many would enjoy the inspiring quotes from these women over history on other products such as mugs and T-shirts and totes.

All products are created with print-on-demand providers.


Positivity Now

Author Jep Enck came to us to help him publish his line of books on positivity. 

We set him up as his own publisher on Amazon and got him a #1 Hot New Release when Positivity Now launched.

His message was a perfect fit for other print-on-demand products to spread positivity now!

Positivity Now cover.jpg
The Five Powers Cover.jpg
Authentic Positivity.jpg

Shot in the Arm Gear


As people started getting vaccinated for Covid there was a definite need for humor, balanced with showing support and letting people know you were vaccinated.

Shot in the Arm Gear offered a variety of fun ways to do so.

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