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One story at a time.

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We all have a story to tell. Our stories define us and the times we live in. Our stories shape who we are. Our stories connect us to each other.


Have you ever sat and listened to your parents, grandparents or other relatives tell old family stories, then wish you had recorded them or written them down?  Have you ever paused, and with regret or sadness, said of a deceased or ill family member, “I wish I had asked them about that?” Have you ever reminisced and laughed with friends about the time that . . . ? We all have. And we have all vowed to capture the stories before they fade. We always think there’s plenty of time . . . another day . . .until there isn’t. 


Our stories are not just stories. They are part of our legacy. They are who we are.


2020 taught us many lessons, among them the value of connection. We learned firsthand that we are connected to each other through the stories we share. While sharing stories and looking at photographs does connect us, going a step further, capturing photographs, the stories they tell, along with memories, in a book ensures that they are around for the next generation. Creating a story / memory book is a gift for generations to come.


Now is the time to preserve your memories—the stories, funny and sad that make up a life. Now is the time to use your family photos to unlock and preserve the stories they hold.


Now is the time . . . and if you don’t, who will?


At What If? Publishing we have helped families create heirloom books to hold safe their most precious memories.  At What If? Publishing our custom memory books start at $695. 

With 30 years of publishing experience, numerous national and international awards, and Hot New Releases on Amazon your book will receive the same professional attention as our published authors. Your book will be a professionally printed and perfect bound paperback with a black and white interior and a color cover.


We can work with you from where ever you are. We offer a free one hour consultation to discuss your unique book. Contact us below to schedule an in person meeting or Zoom conference call.

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